Does this weird YouTube thing reveal who's going to win this year's X Factor?

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If you have been tuning into this 12 months's X Factor, you may are aware of it hasn't been an smooth trip for Sharon Osbourne's act Saara Alto - after she turned into in the sing off for the 1/3 time final weekend.

But weirdly, if the winner of the skills contest become down to who acquired the most views on YouTube, she'd be storming away with the recording settlement and a metaphorical gold medal. Hang on, what?

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So despite being in the bottom two more instances than any other contestant - and being stored via the judges whenever - Saara is absolutely the most popular of the lot by way of as much as three times on YouTube. How this makes experience, we're no longer absolutely positive.

Take week one of the stay suggests, for instance; Saara's rendition of 'Let It Go' from Frozen has had almost 2 MILLION perspectives so far, while Ryan Lawrie's One Direction cowl has had 400,000 in evaluation.

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Week two? She racked up almost 1.2million, in assessment to Honey G's 625,000, Sam Lavery's 417,000 and Matt Terry's seven hundred,000.

Week 3, her Bjork cover had over 2million views, week 4 was 1.9million and week 5 changed into 870,00 - which seems pretty loopy considering some of the perspectives on different acts' performances are around the four hundred,000.

Of route, only time will tell whether or not or no longer this popularity will translate into votes in the coming weeks - but if online video perspectives had been taken into consideration, she'd truely be manner in advance of the percent.

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