How one couple managed to live rent free in an amazing New York attic apartment for SIX YEARS

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If you are sat there in the midst of the January blues, worrying about money and dreading the beans on toast you're going to ought to eat for dinner this night, you might need to examine approximately New York-primarily based couple Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse.

Because they've nicely and simply stuck it to the person, refusing to pay rent on their swanky New York attic apartment due to the fact 2010 - and right here's the element: they could certainly be getting away with it legally in keeping with The New York Post.

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I'm pretty certain you can consider how pricey it is to live in New York: we've got all visible Monica's apartment in Friends. So when virtual-content producers Zachary and Karen, who have two younger youngsters, were struggling to maintain up with their $four,754.02 (thats a whopping £three,914) in keeping with month rent in Manhattan's Chelsea place, they determined to suppose outdoor the field.

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And think outside the container they did: they decided to simply prevent paying lease. Sounds illegal? Yeah, in maximum occasions it might be, however this couple - who are currently going via a courtroom case to determine whether or now not they need to pay the $410,000 in unpaid hire and electric powered bills - may properly have observed a prison loophole which means that they were legitimate of their decision to forestall paying.

It's all right down to a regulation known as the 'Loft Law' in New York, that's there to defend (interestingly enough) New York primarily based residents who're dwelling illegally in industrial and manufacturing facility homes inside the metropolis. Zachary and Karen stay in the handiest residential apartment within the West 26th Street building which otherwise homes galleries and groups, that means they is probably eligible for the law to cowl them.

When the Loft Law turned into expanded in 2010 to deal with greater people, the couple had been clued up enough to realize they may as a minimum argue that it covers them. And it's worked pretty nicely in case you question me; because they have got been living their for 6 years, not paying a factor, and nobody has said whatever approximately it.

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Until now, this is. The six glory years appear to be over after the constructing owners have subsequently attempted to fight again, taking Zachary and Karen to courtroom in a bid to reclaim the $410,000 in what they call overlooked payments.

But the couple's legal professional Margaret Sandercock is assured they might not be made to pay up. "The proprietor isn't entitled to gather rent and my customers are not required to pay rent," she says.

Well, good success to them; if any people could have were given away with residing in an attic condo in our domestic town without paying rent for six whole years, the chances are we'd probable strive it, too. *Furiously googles housing regulation loopholes in the UK*

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